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ATCV will assist your organization in understanding and implementing SMS. Training and promotion is essential for SMS. Employees, as well as company management, must buy into the program which means understanding concepts, the benefits, and implementation. We offer training in SMS principals, hazard identification, risk analysis and the development of a Safety Management Manual. Our ATCV/MITRE SMS course is based upon ICAO publications and FAA Advisory Circular SMS Standards. ATC Vantage offers various levels of SMS assistance based upon your organization’s needs...(read more)

ATCV offers professional air traffic control consultation and information that help clarify the complex air traffic system that exists today.  Aviation accidents are often complex but with our services we provide clear and accurate information relating to Air Traffic Control operations, rules and procedures. Experience with 35 years of aviation in Air Traffic Control, NTSB accident investigation, flight services and private pilot experience will address many aspects of aviation.

ATCV offers a NTSB Prep Course which explains what to do and what happens when the NTSB comes to visit. It is extremely important to prepare in advance because of the lightening speed at which investigations begin. The best and only way to insure that your interests are represented...(read more)






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