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Bio:  Patrick McCormick

Pat McCormick began his passion for aviation as a high school student working at the local airport for flying lessons.  In 1974 Pat joined the Air Force and became an Air Traffic Control Specialist.

In 1982 Pat received an honorable discharge from the Air Force.  Within a couple of days Pat continued his aviation career with the FAA which continued through to November of 2007.

Pat began his varied aviation experience with the FAA in Flight Service earning his certification in weather and pilot briefings.  Loving his experience as an air traffic controller in the Air Force he decided to move forward and was quickly promoted to positions within the FAA.   

Pat was accepted as an air traffic controller in Cincinnati, Ohio at Lunken Control Tower which was followed by Toledo Tower where he earned his radar certification.   By 1988 Pat was working at one of the busiest airports in the states,  Miami International, certified in both the tower and TRACON.

Pat's drive for excellence quickly produced an ATC training manual which prepared him for a step toward administration as a supervisor from 1990-1991.

In 1991 Pat left Miami and was promoted to Air Traffic Manager of Albert Whitted Control Tower located in St. Petersburg, FL.   As manager he learned various responsibilities and duties of managers within the FAA.

Returning to his passion as an air traffic controller Pat transferred to Tampa International Airport in 1992 where he quickly certified in the tower and TRACON in minimum time.

During his time as an air traffic controller in Tampa he was elected as vice-president and president of NATCA at Tampa Tower.  Pat had earned the trust and respect of his fellow controllers to lead them and represent them.  Pat's dedication usually spilled into his own time. This example of selflessness was reflected in fellow controllers in working together in a team spirit of cooperation that had pulled together many different personalities of the controllers. 

Descriptions of Pat would include: Strong leader, proactive self-starter with track record of initiative, personal responsibility, ownership of work and reputation for removing obstacles and making things happen; dependable, enthusiastic, energetic, team-focused and knowledgeable.

Pat's leadership role and work in Tampa NATCA also developed and perfected the ability to do research, present case studies in work ethics.  Pat's dedication to aviation has earned him the respect of his co-workers and others that have had the opportunity to work with him.

While working at Tampa, Pat always rose to the challenges of doing more for the flying public in various roles; one being a NATCA representative working with the NTSB for several years.   Working as a team with other representatives of the aviation industry at accidents has broadened his knowledge of problems within aviation.  His perspective of various components of an accident as an air traffic controller has helped address problems of aviation.  

Learning various aspects of aviation from aircraft accident investigations, pilot, flight service specialist, ATC specialist, a supervisor and manager's viewpoint gives Pat the perspective and knowledge of the different responsibilities and requirements of these aviation fields.  Pat's dedication and reputation will always be an asset to his employers - both now and in the future.

Over the past several years, Pat has continued his passion for aviation with teaching Safety Management Systems, Air Traffic Control Consultant work, and providing ATC staffing.

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