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We offer professional air traffic control consultation and information that help clarify the complex air traffic system that exists today.  Aviation accidents are often complex but with our services we provide clear and accurate information relating to Air Traffic Control operations, rules and procedures. Experience with 35 years of aviation in Air Traffic Control, NTSB accident investigation, flight services and private pilot experience will address many aspects of aviation. 

    We will determine if FAA procedures and requirements were followed. Was training adequately given? Was the problem apparent and not addressed?  Were FAA procedures in error? What other factors contributed to the situation? These are some of the questions we can address in a clear manner that will assist attorneys in representation of their clients.

   Review and offer opposing arguments of the other party.  Often opposition expert testimony has been incorrectly interpreted or missing important information.  Even old information of how things "used to be" from other "experts" has changed in the last couple of years and adds to the complexity of  understanding the situation and what actually occurred.

    Years of experience listening to voice recordings and transcripts will provide clarity and understanding of the actual situation; often air traffic terminology is confusing and may be misinterpreted.

   We will provide professional written opinions and declarations.

   We specialize in air traffic control-related requirements, with experience in many various aspects of aviation as a private pilot, and as a flight service specialist as well as air traffic controller.

   Many "ATC experts" have not actively worked as Air Traffic Controllers in years.   This puts them out of touch with the current workings within the ATC field which significantly has effected aviation; the workforce has significantly changed - new changes in training, equipment and technologies along with new rules, procedures and regulations.  Patrick has worked through these changes (retired in late 2007), and as a result, adds perspective and experience to help accurately assess aviation accidents or questions.




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