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SMS Workshop Registration Help

PDF registration form

Microsoft Word Registration form

Alternative Registration Process:  If you incur difficulties with the PDF form, please just send an email to registrations (registrations @ (no spaces) with your name, company name, position/title, email address, phone number, address and the class date or location you wish to attend.  Fax number and mobile phone number are optional but recommended to add.  Within 24 hours of receipt, you will receive an email welcome, acceptance and confirmation of receipt of registration.

Our Registration form contains two buttons; registrants may click the  "email" button which will launch your default mail program with an attachment - a small xml file - which will contain the data you entered on the form.  If you prefer, you can click the "print" button on the form and fax it , mail it or scan and send it as an attachment --- all are acceptable alternatives! 



Microsoft Office Compatibility (using 2010, 2007 vs. 2003)

Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 Compatibility Pack  by installing the Compatibility Pack along side of Microsoft Office XP, or Office 2003, you will be able open, edit, save, and create files using the Open XML Formats new to the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Office 2000 users, as well as users of Windows 2000 SP4 and later, can convert Open XML Formats to binary file formats from within Windows Explorer. I have used this compatibility pack for months before I got all my pcs using Office 2007.

Free Viewers and Compatibility packs from Microsoft -


PDF file help:

In our efforts to reduce download time and increase user security, the SMS Registration form and Publications have been optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader v.7 or later. If you have problems opening the bulletin (like a file corruption warning, you will need to download the latest FREE ACROBAT READER PROGRAM HERE!  The download file size for Adobe Reader is 33 megs in size.  Keeping your Adobe Reader current will assist you in keeping your computers running smoothly and efficiently.  

PDF Alternate Programs
Our PDF Resource Document ATC Vantage has created for your use, has dozens of links to free PDF programs along with other PDF tips:  installation, viewing, security, speeding up the opening of PDF files and WebTV PDF instructions. 

PDF Forms
The interactive registration form will send the data that you entered in the fields to us in email.  The form data will either be sent via your email client or internet server (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).  Optionally, you may just type in your information and click the print button which will print out the form with the data you entered.  From this point you can send in the form via US Postal Mail or Fax. 

Online email programs (Yahoo or Gmail)
Fill in the data on the form and save the form to your desktop (or someplace you can retrieve/find it), then log onto you account and 'attach' the file and send to

Installation Recommendations:
Make sure your antivirus is disabled before installing Adobe Reader. Uninstall any older versions of Adobe Acrobat before installing new version - otherwise both versions will be on the hard drive taking up space. If you don't uninstall the old version and then decide to, the new version will have to be reinstalled.

If the PDF file doesn't appear (blank window)
Open Adobe Reader (located in the programs menu), select 'EDIT' from the toolbar, then 'PREFERENCES', followed by 'INTERNET', select 'display PDF in browser'. If you still have problems opening the PDF file, right click on the link for the PDF file and select 'save as'. Save to a location (like desktop) that you can open the file.

Web TV Instructions for opening PDF files:
Adobe has created a page that will convert a PDF file to HTML. All you have to do is type in the address of the PDF file, choose a button, and the file will show up on your screen. You can access the page at:

Locating the address of a PDF file:
Using your remote or keyboard, highlight the name of the file with the yellow cursor. Choose the Options key on your remote or keyboard. The Options panel will pop up. Choose Info on the Options panel. Write down the address carefully, and enter it at: . (Using a PC: right click on the link and select 'properties', then highlight the URL - website address that begins with "http" - and right click, select 'copy' and then 'paste' into the form at the Adobe site.)    





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