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Document Tools - Small OPs

Introduction to our specially developed ATCV collection of SMS Tools
Use and familiarity with using a PC is integral to a Safety Manager's job (along with a host of other qualifiers) Here are some tools that will aide in your organization and SMS...this collection is perfect for small operators on a budget!

  1. PDF Files
    PDF document on free PDF software, editing, how-to's, and help

    This is a great way to store documents or create forms that can be reused.  PDF forms also have the ability to export data that can be sent and then imported into Excel or other data programs.  PDF files can also contain photos & videos.  The IRS accepts PDF for receipts.  Of course an operator may use paper and files but data must be retrievable, safe, stored for long periods of time (hazards for the life of the hazard) and usable (besides being kindling for fires!)
    I have created a document that explains PDF software, help, How-To's, and a long list of PDF software that are either cheap, free or low cost alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro so that a small operator can create, edit and store documents.  click here for an interactive document on PDF Software, Creation, Editing, How-to's, and Help

  2. Word Processing Programs/Help/Viewers
         Open Office - FREE alternative which is compatible with Microsoft
         FREE LibreOffice
         Microsoft File Viewers (Microsoft website)

  3. Ebooks
    Ebooks may be the perfect solution for continuing education, reading manuals, books & regulations
         Epub2go:  PDF to ePub file converter (free) - http://www.epub2go.com/Web/default.aspx
         ebook readers:  KOBO, Kindle, Laputa eReader, Borders
         Wiki Ebook converters:  http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/E-book_conversion

  4. Backup, Sync Data & Data Storage
    "Cloud Storage"
    - There are a number of free & low cost ($5-10 per mo on up) online data storage sites to allow companies a place to safeguard reports and other company data (& backup).  (Free service is 1GB-5GB or so of storage space) Data must be kept safe, secure and retrievable.  Some of these programs will also do an automatic backup of data and file sync between devices.
         SugarSync  (5GB free)
         Laplinks PCsync 6.0 - synchronize/backup folders & files on multiple pcs ($40)
         Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive - www.skydrive.live.com (25GB free)
         BackBlaze (www.blackblaze.com) $5 month backing up ulimited data on one computer
         Dropbox: drag and drop files into a special folder on your Windows desktop, the files then appear on all PCs,
         laptops, phones & iPads that also have Dropbox installed; password-based security & file-sharing options

  5. Encryption & Password Protection
         TrueCrypt, a free download (page) that gives you on-the-fly disk encryption
         Password Safe, an open-source password manager
         LastPass: stores your passwords on the internet where they can be accessed with ease (as long as you're
          connected to the Internet) and are protected by strong security.

  6. Zip Files (compressed files)
         7-Zip: software will open .rar files (Apple's version of a zip file).  Windows Vista & 7 will open zip files just fine.
         jZip: Free.  Create, open and extract Zip, TAR, GZip and 7-Zip. Open and extract from RAR and ISO.
         ZipItFree: Free. ACE, ARC, BH, BZip, CAB, GZIP, JAR, LHA, RAR, TAR, UUE, XXE, ZIP,Zoo, &  Archive Stream

  7. Email w/ large file attachments
    (5MB to 10MB is usually pushing the limit), use a service like:
         YouSendIt  (free trial)
         Videos:  YouTube
         Pictures:  Flickr

  8. Antivirus - Top free antivirus tools
         Avast Free Antivirus
         Avira Free Antivirus
         AVG Antivirus Free-basic-protection
         Microsoft's Security Essentials
         Secunia Personal Software Inspector:  scans PC  for software that needs to be updated w/ security patches

  9. Multi-Media
         Paint.net:It gives you excellent, compact, fast tools for editing photos and otherwise manipulating image files
         IrfanView: another good choice, many different file formats or needs scanning tools
         VLC media player: Handles every type of file and it connects to iPods, iPhones& iPads...

  10. Keyboard Shortcuts - Save time & improve accuracy.
         Switch applications open on desktop   <Alt><Tab>
         Switch tabs in browser:  <Ctrl> <Tab>
         Cut, Paste, Copy:  Copy: <Ctrl>C  / Paste: <Ctrl>P  / Cut: <Ctrl>X
         Close quickly: <Ctrl>W
         Forms - Cycle through text fields:  <Tab> (use enter key for checkboxes or radio buttons)
         Undo:  <Ctrl>Z
         Save:  <Ctrl>S
         Find:  <Ctrl>F
         Open Windows Explorer:  Use the Windows Key: <windows>E
         Minimize all windows: <Windows>D
         find your program - Windows 7 - click the <Windows> key and start typing the name of the program, select
            program as it appears above   



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