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USA Government- SMS Resources

  1. NTSB Resources
         NTSB Aviation Accidents, News
         NTSB Accident Reports:  synopses, statistics, reports & publications
         NTSB Accident Dockets


  2. United States Armed Forces/Department of Defense
         Air Force Safety Center Proactive Aviation Safety (ProSEF)
           which links to Human Factors in Action, ASAP, MFOQA, LOSA & News - newly launched
         Air Force Pamphlet 90-902 Operational Risk Management (ORM) Guidelines & Tools
         Aviation Safety Stats http://www.afsec.af.mil/organizations/aviation/index.asp
         Army Aviation Prevention Program Pamphlet 385-16  (added 8/1/2011)
         Army System Safety Management Guide, Pamphlet 385-16  (Nov. 13, 2008)
         Coast Guard SMS Manual Guidebook  
         Department of Defense - Risk Management - Risk Assurance
         Department of Defense, MIL-STD-882D, Standard Practice for System Safety


  3. USA Departments (of): Energy, Interior, Forest & Transport Research Board, Nuclear...
         Dept of Agriculture & Forestry, Aviation Safety & Mishap Prevention Plan (great description of safety culture)
         Federal Government Resources
         Dept of Energy - Integrated Safety Management A Tool That Works!  (DOE website)
                 Dept of Energy Integrated SMS Manual doc m4544-1
                 Dept of Energy Integrated SMS Manual 450.4-1B - Policies , Functions, Responsibilities
                 Dept of Energy - Office of River Protection Integrated SMS Description
                 Dept of Energy Manual 4111 Policy
                 Dept of Energy (& Jefferson Labs) Integrated Safety Manual (off site)
         National Forest Service (FAA & ICAO SMS PowerPoint) "Safety...the Proactive Way"
                 Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) Aviation Safety (Wildfire)
                 National Wildfire - Interagency Aviation Mishap Response GUIDE & CHECKLIST
         Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Aviation Library
         Dept of the Interior, National Business Center - Aviation Safety Document Library
         Dept of the Interior, National Business Center - New Aviation Management System (AMS)
         NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) - Hazard and Risk Analysis Info
         Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Agency's Fault Tree Handbook (NUREG-0492) (see ch. 1)








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