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Countries  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) SMS Resources


  1. Australian Transport Safety Bureau - CASA
    • Australian Gov't Civil Aviation Safety Authority SMS Training website  (FAA SMS "Read-Me-First" Document - #10)
    • Australian CAA - CASA - NPRM
    • Australian CAA - CASA - SMS Resources
    • Australian Government Civil Aviation Authority SMS
    • Research & Analysis Reports
    • REPCON Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme
    • ASRS - the Aviation Self Reporting Scheme (ASRS) (Australia)
    • Safety Management and the CEO (pamphlet by CASA) - role aviation leaders play in maintaining & improving safety
    • Managing Change in the Aviation Industry – Overview of the change management process (guidance & tips)
    • Safety Management Systems – Best Practice – SMS best practices case study examples of aviation organizations
    • SMS Toolkit
    Online videos: CASA SMS Online Videos
    • Safety management – Why and how to implement a safety management system
    • Surveillance – How CASA inspectors audit from a systems safety perspective
    • Managing error and system safety - Professor James Reason, of Swiss cheese model fame, on how accidents happen
    Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport, Australia - Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport SMS


  2. Transport Canada (TC) Resources  - http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/air-menu.htm
    • TC AC300-002 (SMS Procedures for Airport Operations)
    • TC AC 107-001-e Large and/or complex aviation organizations
    • TC AC 107-002-e Small aviation organizations operating under the Canadian Aviation Regulations Parts IV, V and VII
    • SMS Assessment Guide    (doc. TP 14326E - 05/2005)
    Fatigue Risk Management System for Canadian Aviation - FRMS Toolbox
    • SMS for Small Aviation Operations, A Practical Guide for Implementation (2004)
    • TC SMS Guidance Material (SMS Advisory Circulars & Publications - start with this great link!)
    • Score Your Safety Culture
    • Transport Canada Aviation Safety Videos  (multiple videos, some are free to view)
     TC PowerPoint (PDF) SMS Information Session "Building your SMS Based on Size and Complexity" Nov 2009:
         • Proactive Hazard Identification Workshop
         • Getting An Incident Reporting System Up and Running
         • A Practical and Integrated Risk Management Solution
         • Incident Analysis Panel
         • Business Strategies to Manage Safety and Quality: CAMC's perspective


  3. EASA -European Aviation Safety Agency
    EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) is preparing the rules for the safety certification of aerodromes and their safety-oversight by the national aviation authorities (NAAs). Future rules have to be adopted by 2013, the work has already started: by the end of 2009 the terms of reference will be defined for the so-called “rulemaking tasks”. The EASA consultative bodies will then have a chance to comment and nominate persons for the respective rulemaking groups. A full public consultation on the draft rules should begin by summer 2011. At the beginning of 2012 EASA will make a well-argued case for its choice of rules in its formal Opinion to the European Commission.
    • EASA SMS - http://www.easa.europa.eu/sms/
    • EUROCONTROL - Establishment  of ‘Just Culture’ Principles in ATM Safety Data Reporting & Assmt.
    • ASA NPA 2009–02 - Implementing Rules for Air Operations of Community Operators


  4. Bermuda
    Effective 18th November 2010, Bermuda is requiring all visiting privately registered/Corporate aircraft (FAR Part 91 and 125 or equivalent) to have a SMS and l be compliant with ICAO. Annex 6 Part 2 Section 3. To meet requirements: IS-BAO registration; Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) registration; ARG/US rating; An SMS manual deemed acceptable by the State of Registry; or Proof of intent to produce an SMS (e.g. a contract with a vendor who is enabling IS-BAO registration).
    Bermuda is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, and the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) is subject to safety oversight surveillance by the Air Safety Support International (ASSI), a subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom. (Each Advisory Circular is applicable to several: OTAC 119-3, 125-1, 139-2, 140-2, 145-7, 171-2,172-4,173-2,176-3)
    • United Kingdom Overseas Territories AC - SMS 1v3-0
    • United Kingdom Overseas Territories AC - Documenting SMS
    • United Kingdom Overseas Territories AC - Accountable Manager OTAC 39-7
    • Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation Safety Plan
    • Bermuda SMS Requirements, effective November 18, 2010


  5. UK Civil Aviation Authority
    • SMS for Air Traffic Management, A Guide to Implementation - CAP730
    • Airside Safety Management - CAP642
    • SMS for Commercial Air Transport Operation - CAP 712


  6. Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
    • Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
    • New Zealand CAA - SMS Resources (FAA SMS "Read-Me-First" Document Reference Link - #11)


  7. Portugal
    • Portugal Airport SMS


  8. CAAS Singapore
    • Singapore SMS Reference Material Site  (FAA SMS "Read-Me-First" Document Reference Link - #13, no longer works)
    • Singapore AC 1-3-3 re SMS, December 3, 2010 (SMS)
    • Singapore SMS Assessment Checklist CAAS Form AW127(R1) Dec 2008


  9. RASOS - Regional Aviation Safety Oversight System
    Member CAA's Barbdos, The Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago
    • RASOS  (Regional Aviation Safety Oversight System)
    • RASOS - Assoc. of CAA of the Caribbean ACAAC for safety oversight & structure



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