Safety Management Systems Workshop: August 6-7, 2015
Two-Day SMS Workshop with Hands-On Exercises
(Learn techniques: BowTie Model, FTA, Ishikawa/Fishbone Fault Tree Diagram, & Five Why's /Diagram)

 Safety Management Systems Workshop


August 6-7, 2015 (Thurs-Fri) 8am to 4:30pm
LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn-Tampa Airport/Westshore
5312 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607   
Tel: +1-813-289-2700    (directions)
ACCOMMODATIONS:  Hilton Garden Inn-Tampa Airport/Westshore
There is complimentary transportation to the airport (take the A1 Express Shuttle). Parking at the hotel is free for students.
REGISTRATION: Registration Form: Click here for the registration form
      2-Day SMS Workshop Registration Form: $1175 USD
      2-Day SMS Workshop: Group Registration Form: $975 ea for 2 or more
      1-day SMS Manual Workshop: $600
      DISCOUNTS:  click here to view all discounts - including $200 early registration
    Class sizes are limited so please register quickly.
    Registration confirmation & invoice will be emailed to
    participants upon registration.  Payment options are available.
PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE: • Lunch and refreshments provided both days
• A Certificate of SMS Training
• A professionally printed reference binder of courseware &
• Our specially developed 8GB USB memory stick "ATCV SMS Resources" which contains an extensive collection of documents, excel worksheets, sample docs, PowerPoint to help your organization understand, implement and reference ICAO & FAA requirements. (USB memory stick has plenty of space for your files!)
WORKSHOP DETAILS: PDF SMS Course/Workshop details & syllabus
LOCAL DIRECTIONS: From 275 Northbound: I-275 North to Exit 39B Tampa Airport/Spruce St. Take Spruce St/Tampa Airport exit on right. Follow Spruce St Exit on right. At light turn right onto O'Brien Street --  Avion Park entrance is on the right.  From 275 Southbound: I-275 South to Exit 39 Tampa Airport/Clearwater. Take Spruce St. Exit on right. Drive approx 1/2 mile. At light turn right onto O'Brien Street -- Avion Park entrance is on the right.  Airport: Complimentary Airport shuttle running every 30 minutes. 
ATCV has a proven, experienced track record of training.  Our past student clientele include: US Dept of Transportation, US Office of Inspector General, US Marine Corps , US Navy School of Aviation Safety, USAF Reserve Command, US TOT/OIG, FAA ATO AOV (Air Traffic Oversight), FAA Principal Operations Inspector, FAA Flight Standards District Office,  FAA Next Gen, FAA Unmanned Aircraft Division, FAA Aircraft Certification Service, FAA Accident Investigation & Prevention FAA Aviation Inspector. Our AIRLINE Clientele includes: American, Air Canada, United, Compass, Comair, GoJet, JetBlue, North American, Northwest, Virgin America, Pakistan International Airlines, Pinnacle, Southwest, Trans States, UPS, United, US Airways, World Airways... CLICK HERE to view a complete listing of our experience teaching Airports, Maintenance, Charter and other aviation service providers!


Re-energize your safety culture!   Training and promotion is essential for SMS. Employees, as well as company management, must buy into the program which means understanding concepts, the benefits, and implementation. ATC Vantage offers training in SMS principles, hazard identification, risk analysis and the development of a Safety Management Manual.


This is the MITRE/FAA developed SMS 1-Day Overview class with twice the class time and a workshop approach! ATC Vantage is one of only a few companies licensed to teach the MITRE SMS Overview course.   This course was developed in accordance with ICAO standards and FAA Recommendations and Requirements (AC120-92B) and is continually revised to ensure the most current information is presented.  MITRE SMS courseware has been taught to students from over 51 countries making it internationally accepted and desired. This class will be beneficial to all aviation organizational employees including those company experts who will be performing Hazard Analysis and Risk Mitigation Strategies.

Content is appropriate for all aviation entities and includes:

*  ICAO SMS Standards and Recommended Practices
*  Human Factors and Safety Culture
*  Safety Risk Management
*  Safety Assurance Overview
*  1/2 day Workshop for Hazard ID & Proactive Risk Assessment
*  FAA SMS Standards
*  SMS Requirements
*  Hazard Identification Methods
*  Phased SMS Implementation Plan Overview
*  Exercises after each Training Module
*  Group Discussions

Simplifying SMSParticipants Receive:  Lunch & refreshments on both days, a Certificate of SMS Training, and a professionally printed reference binder of courseware.  We also provide our specially developed "ATCV SMS Resource" disk, which contains a wealth of SMS resources (over a hundred documents, Excel worksheets, sample documents, and PowerPoint presentations) to help your organization understand, implement and reference ICAO and FAA requirements. Dress is business casual. The course begins promptly at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:30 PM.   Class sizes are limited, so please register quickly. For further information, contact ATC Vantage. Registration confirmation & invoice will be emailed to participants upon registration.  Payment options are available.

SMS Manual Development Workshop
Prerequisite: ATCV SMS training or MITRE SMS certificate.  ATCV will work with each student to develop and customize a SMS manual that fits your organization. SMS requires documented procedures and programs. These programs ensure regulatory compliance and maximum standardization, efficiency, and productivity.  This is achieved in part through an SMS Manual that documents the policies, procedures and responsibilities.  Laptops are required.


About MITRE (SMS courseware developer)
MITRE Aviation Institute
ATC Vantage has been trained and audited by MITRE MAI (MITRE Aviation Institue) which is part of MITRE CAASD (Center for Advanced Aviation Systems Development) to teach the MITRE SMS Courseware.

NOTE: FAA names MITRE as a resource in the SMS "Read-Me-First" Document" Reference Link - #9) MITRE Center for the Advanced Aviation System Development is a non-profit research organization used by the USA Government (IRS, Dept. of Defense, FAA, etc...)  for a variety of projects.

In July 1958, the U.S. Congress chartered The MITRE Corporation as a private, not-for-profit corporation to provide engineering and technical guidance for the federal government.  (MITRE assists the FAA, TSA, NASA, the FCC, IRS, the Dept. of Defense, etc...) MITRE also performs work for international clients and conducts collaborative research with industry.

MITRE's role was enhanced in 1990 when the FAA created an FFRDC (Federally Funded Research and Development Center) CAASD  (Center for Advanced Aviation System Development), and selected MITRE to operate it.  Since then, MITRE has helped the FAA address the nation’s most critical aviation issues. Currently MITRE CAASD is assisting the FAA to develop NextGen.

In 2007, FAA selected MITRE to develop & maintain ASIAS system. MITRE assists in fusing confidential data with FAA, industry and other gov't data sources to allow analysts to further understand the content of safety reports. Air carriers remove aircrew & company identifying informationbefore submitting data. CAASD uses & is improving integration of ASAP reports & FOQA data for ASIAS. Ultimately, FAA intends for ASIAS to be used as a predictive tool that can identify risks before incidents or accidents occur. 


Use of Images: Any person who attends an ATC Vantage (ATCV) course grants permission to ATCV to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs and sound or video recordings, and, without notifying such person, to use those images for any purpose of ATCV, including advertisements for ATCV and its programs.
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