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Two Day Workshop with Hands-On Exercises

100% of our participants would recommend our 2-Day SMS Workshop!

December 14, 2012..."I would like to thank both of you once again for this wonderful workshop session this week! Both of you do a tremendous job at presenting the material and keep the class involved and interested in the material. I learned a lot from your workshop and will be able to apply my new knowledge on day-to-day basis."
A. Z, Team Safety Leader, FAA Safety Team Representative, Daytona Beach Intl., ERAU"


"This company was a real treat to deal with. Everything was easy; from registering to receiving a certificate of training. They know their material extremely well and can anticipate a question before it is asked. The training was very thorough. They empowered their audience with role playing of actual real time events. I took away more than the subject matter trained. Their audio/visual presentations were so professional I was able to see how that part can also help me to do my job more professional. They took extra time to show me that aspect also. I felt very relaxed in the audience. I feel extremely confidant in recommending this company with the highest marks."  ~ Air Traffic Safety Inspector (May 16, 2011)

"Thank you so much for the dedication and professionalism demonstrated in your presentation of the MITRE Safety Management System (SMS) course in Tampa Thursday and Friday (17 & 18 March) of last week.
The back-to-basics first day, combined with group exercises the second day, established first a common frame of reference for the jargon specific to the latest ICAO and FAA SMS requirements, and then anchored the information by virtue of real-time experience applying the principals to realistic aviation scenarios..."

"Great course! Well taught and great facilitation -
SUPER program,  highly recommend this program!"
~ Texas DOT, Aviation Division, Chief Pilot, Director of Flight Services Section

"The class provided beneficial tools and the discussions were very good!"

"I found the course very informative, valuable and hands-on. I hope to have opportunities in the future to take other classes from you as you grow"

"I expect to use the (Growing your SMS) pdf Monday morning in a presentation to company management. The workshop was most beneficial and will be a significant contribution to our company moving ahead on SMS. I appreciate your promptness with the emails. And the class was a pleasure to attend."  ~ Chesterfield MO

"...your support and in helping us achieve our goal of providing as many opportunities for a greater understanding of SMS is really appreciated." ~ Daytona Beach, FL









Responses to the evaluation question,
"The portion most beneficial to me was..."

* The portion most beneficial to me was "day 2 workshops' ability to walk through processes, discuss issues within a group & to work through misunderstandings was beneficial and important"

*   "Hazard assessment, Risk ID & Classification," "Hazard Identification & Analysis Tools," and "Grafts & Charts"

*  "CD and information provided to implement an SMS Program" 

*  Good work! I enjoyed the training! Our smaller group allowed us to remain pretty focused. The class has a lot of experience to draw from. Our classroom and facilities and everything was great!

* The portion most beneficial to me was "risk tree analysis and hazard identification"

* The portion most beneficial to me was "Risk Analysis - ALL Exercises"

*   "Module 5 seemed to be the heart of  the course!" (Safety Risk Management) 

* Overall presentation - Consider lengthening course duration!


In answer to course evaluation questions
 (Choices: Exceeded, Met or Below expectations)

√  100% would recommend this course

   Effectiveness of the Presenters:  100% exceeded expectations!

√  100% indicated overall usefulness of the class
exceeded their expectations!

√  100% indicated the quality of the audiovisuals and handouts
 exceeded their expectations!

√  99% indicated the content of the class and the actual class exceeded their expectations, remainder responses indicated it MET their expectations!



√  In a cooperative "safety culture" partnership, Virgin America




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